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Foreign Exchange Students: Halfway Through the Year

Line 1

SoSo 1

Line and SoSo are halfway through their first semester in America and they’ve really enjoyed their time here! This semester SoSo will be participating in track and Line will be participating in dance team, cheerleading, and soccer.

One thing both of the girls enjoyed first semester was the football games. They were very happy to have experienced a state football game. “I loved how the entire community came together every Friday to support our team,” Line said.

Both Line and SoSo have learned a lot about Americans. Line says that Americans are really helpful and willing to make her feel like a part of the community, and SoSo says that Americans are really good in teamwork and very family oriented.

They also got to experience American holidays. Line said that Denmark has pretty much all of the same holidays except Thanksgiving. She really enjoyed experiencing that with her American family. SoSo said that in Switzerland they have way more holiday breaks than we do. They have one week in October, two weeks for Christmas, one week in February, and a little bit more than a week in April

Both girls are really looking forward to their second semester here at Harris-Lake Park. Line is most looking forward to soccer. SoSo is looking forward to track. She’s also really excited to go to California in March to meet other exchange students. She’s also looking forward to going to prom.

With second semester beginning, it also means that their time in America is almost over. Line doesn’t have an exact date for when she goes home, but she thinks it will be at the end of May. SoSo leaves a few days after school is over with her parents.

It’s been a very exciting first semester for our foreign exchange students and hopefully second semester will be the same!

by Katelyn Loring

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